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The Top 10 Greatest TV Shows

Everyone has their own top 10 greatest TV shows. But which shows truly made TV history and redefined the TV viewing experience? Here are the top 10 greatest TV shows that had a significant impact on pop culture.

10. The Twilight Zone has been on the air for decades. The dimension created by Rod Sterling has captured the imagination of TV viewers for generation with themes such as aliens, time travel, life after the apocalypse and madness.

9. The Simpsons and their 200 episodes have been on the air for over two decades. The Simpsons is undeniably one of the most iconic cartoons ever created and managed to stay relevant by making references to pop culture and world events.

8. I Love Lucy is definitely a comedy classic of the 1950s. The popularity of the show corresponds with the democratization of TV as a media. I Love Lucy defined sitcoms as a genre and inspired many comedy writers over the years.

7. Seinfeld shocked and awed viewers for nine years. The show follows neurotic stand up comedian Jerry Seinfeld and his friends in their unforgettable antics. Jerry Seinfeld’s particular brand of humor helped the show become a comedy hit of the 1990s.

6. The show 24 changed the TV viewing experience by presenting events as they happened in real time. Explosive action and plot twists kept the audience captivated throughout eight seasons.

5. Breaking Bad is one of the few truly successful TV shows that center around an anti-hero. The show follows a chemistry teacher diagnosed with cancer who turns into the most powerful meth dealer out of necessity.

4. Games Of Thrones is the TV adaptation of G.R.R. Martin’s A Song Of Fire And Ice. The series follows different factions as they battle for the iron throne and the kingdom of Westeros. The many deaths and plot twists have put the fans of the show on an emotional roller coaster. Games Of Thrones is the first truly successful show that belongs to the fantasy genre.

3. Law & Order is the ultimate TV show about the criminal justice system even though other shows of this genre could have been featured among the top 10 greatest TV shows. The franchise includes Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, which lasted for twenty seasons along four other series that depict other branches of the system.

2. Friends is probably the most popular sitcom and still has a large fan base. The show appealed to audiences by depicting the lives of a group of young friends and experiencing their first struggles as adults.

1. Saturday Night Live has been on the air since 1975. The show has launched the careers of countless comedians and artists while making fun of current events and issues. The variety show format allows for each episode to feature guest stars and provide TV viewers as well as the live audience of the show with a unique experience.

These ten shows are considered as landmarks of TV history. The popularity of streaming shows on the Internet has definitely changed the viewers’ experience and it is very likely that this experience will keep shaping the way TV content is produced. For more exciting lists, don’t forget to visit

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How to Make a YouTube Channel?

YouTube is one of the fastest and easiest ways to become famous. A lot of people nowadays are using YouTube to upload their videos, entertain their audience and eventually earn lots of views that serve their way up to stardom. If you are one of those aspiring “Next YouTube Idol”, you should first create your own YouTube channel. The following instructions will help you to understand how to make a YouTube channel and earn thousands of subscribers.

Register to Google

YouTube is now part of Google, so your first move is to create a Google account. Be careful in doing this because once you have made your YouTube channel using a particular Google account, you cannot transfer it anymore to another account. Aside from that, you cannot re-use another name for your channel. So, it’s better to think first of a good YouTube name before setting up an account.

Create an account in Gmail. Go to Google page, click the Gmail option there and follow the steps to set up your Gmail account.

Create Your Channel

After creating your Google account, you can now go to YouTube. You will see a “Create Account” link at the top right-hand corner of the page, click it. Follow the steps to create an account using the same details of your Gmail account.

Start Your YouTube Channel

Once your account is set, you will see a screen which has a link that says “Customize Channel”, click it. You can also find this link at the top right-hand corner of the screen, below your username.

Customize Your Channel

After all those set-ups, you finally got your own YouTube Channel. It’s now time for you to customize it. Of course, you want it to look unique by putting your own logo, corporate colors or anything that would give it its own identity.

Click on the “Themes and Colors” tab, located at the top of the page. You can use the preset themes there or click the “Advanced Options” tab if you want to create your own. It contains a lot of options to customize your channel, including setting-up colors, images and background. You can also upload an image to your channel’s background. And to make it easier for you to change the themes periodically, always save your changes.

Use the Settings

The “Settings” tab, located at the top of your channel’s page, contains important settings that will help you navigate your account easier. First, you can find the URL of your channel here which will make it easier for you to share it to your friends or other people, letting them know that you already have your own channel and making them among your subscribers. Second, you can also add metadata using tags which is vital in making your channel easy to find when people are looking for videos that are the same as yours. And finally, you can change the page title here.

Upload Videos

Now that you already have your own channel, you can start uploading and collecting videos. If you have a website, you can also link your videos there. Upload videos, entertain your audience, earn lots of views out of it and you’re on your way to stardom!

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How to Look Attractive on a Date

It is important to understand how to look attractive on a date, before you head out. Within the first 20 seconds on a date, the first impression has been made and it will be difficult to work past it in the future. Since there is a different approach for both men and women, both will be touched on in this article.

How to Look Attractive on a Date

For Men

It is important that you know how to look attractive on a date with that special woman. A good starting point is having clothes that look great. While a suit and a tie might not be the best idea for some dates, clothing should have a clean and pressed.
A couple of hours before heading out shave your face and trim any facial hair you have. Waiting until the last minute to shave leaves the chance of razor burn showing up.
About 30 minutes before take a shower. Use a soap that is designed to mask smells and ensure under your fingernails are clean. Brush and floss your teeth before the date, to ensure that they are clean.
After drying off, put on your clothes and inspect them in the mirror. If for some reason they are baggy or unflattering, consider putting something else on. If they are fine, leave them on and splash yourself with cologne.
Now, fix your hair and ensure that everything is in order. Then it is time to head on out for your date. When you meet her, be sure to give her a charming smile.

For Women

For women learning how to look attractive on a date is equally important. It is a good idea to look your best, which means allowing for some time.

Begin by figuring out your wardrobe for the date. Find something that presents you in a flattering manner.
Then it is time to hit the shower. If you’re going to shave your legs, begin there so that any razor burn will subside by the time you’re finished bathing. The clean yourself well, including under the nails, brush and floss your teeth and then dry off.
Now, put in curlers if necessary and allow them to set. That way, they will be ready to go when the time is right.
Apply your fingernail polish in advance before you put on your clothes, allowing them time to dry. This will reduce the risk of spills on your nice clothing.
Next, spray on a little perfume and then put on your outfit. Remove the curlers from your hair when your outfit is on and style your hair accordingly. Apply a minimal amount of makeup such as lipstick, foundation, blush and mascara. Then compliment your outfit with some jewelry.
What you are going to find is that with a little effort, is that both men and women can look attractive on a date. It just takes some good hygiene and some finishing touches to get the job done.

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How to Find a Perfect Life Partner

Learning how to find a perfect life partner is an essential component to your happiness. Not only will the perfect life partner assist in helping you enjoy all that life has to offer, but, they also bring out the best in you. While it is true that each of us has flaws and none display all of the qualities to be deemed perfect, there are certain traits and characteristics that match perfectly to our own. That is, ultimately, the goal when learning how to find a perfect life partner – to discover an individual that values us, encourages us, and helps us become the absolute best person that we have the capability of becoming. In this brief guide, you will learn a few simple but highly crucial ; steps that will help you discover the best type of partner for your individual needs.

Perfect Life Partner
The first step to discovering a life partner is discovering yourself. All too often, individuals make the mistake of depending on their significant other to define who they are and what they want to experience in life. Not only is this unfair to yourself, it is also unfair to your potential significant other. There is a saying that states that, in order to love, we must first love ourselves. This is very true. Before embarking on the journey to discover a life partner, you must first embark on the journey to self-discovery. You should determine what you like, what you dislike, the activities that you enjoy engaging in, and what you value in yourself and your life. By taking this step right from the start, you are sure to succeed in discovering a partner that is self-confident, and values you.

Once you know who you are and have an idea of what you desire in life, you should start engaging in activities and visiting locations that you particularly enjoy. Not only will this step assist in optimizing your satisfaction in life, it will bring you closer to others that have the same interests that you have. When learning how to find a perfect life partner, you will find that connecting with others with similar interests is a productive move. In the same respect, at occasion, you should make an effort to try something new or to visit somewhere new. While it is true that your perfect partner should have some similar interests so that a stronger connection may be made, it is also true that opposites do, in fact, attract.

As you continue through your journey of self-discovery, you will find that you develop values and standards. When learning how to find the perfect partner, it is imperative that you become familiar with your values and standards and then acquire a high comfort level with them. Then, you should determine the types of people that you would like to get closer to and the type of people that you feel would be detrimental to your life as their standards and values are not aligned with your own. Be realistic, of course, in defining traits that you would like your potential partner to display. Remember, it is rare to achieve success in changing a person. In all honesty, you should never attempt to change anyone. By defining your standards and values – right from the beginning – you will quickly be able to determine who has similar standards and values.

There are no set rules on how to find the perfect life partner. We are all different and display unique characteristics and traits. By learning who you are, what you like, what you dislike, your values, and the expectations that you have, you will be better able to determine what type of person you should connect with, on an intimate level. Be open to all individuals ; regardless of background, social status, or profession. It is common to find love in the most uncommon of places and situations. The goal is to simply connect to another human beings on an emotional level. Once this has happened, the goal is to get to know that person. Over time, if it was meant to be, you will connect on all levels – emotional, spiritual, and physical. It is then that you will know that you have discovered the perfect life partner.

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How to Make a Million Dollars

Whether you’re looking at Kiplinger’s magazines, CNN Money, Fox Business News or that average looking guy in street clothes who bought a half hour at 3 AM on one of your cable channels, pitching you the world’s best business to buy into for $39.95, understanding how to make a million dollars can seem awfully confusing, not to mention nearly impossible to attain.  Don’t get caught up in the boats, cars, expensive homes, mounds of cash or even that hot super model wife hanging off of the  arm, unless you already have one of those.

 Million Dollars

In reality, becoming a millionaire is hard work.  The reason that most people fail in their large monetary quest, is well, they’re focused on the money.  Yes, chasing the money is the wrong strategy unless you’re Warren Buffet.  The truth is that most of us possess personal talents and/or abilities, which if they were on display at a famous road show, would be ornamented with a price tag in the millions of dollars.

Individuals desirous of that status symbol known as millionaire, should have a two-pronged strategy toward joining such an elite club.  Here’s how to become a millionaire:

First, be good at your job and be frugal by living within your means.  If individuals age 18 and above put 10% of their earnings in average mutual funds, they could wind up a millionaire just for doing their job, if other plans don’t work out.  Putting the family on a budget that is built around the reality of household income is essential.  If people borrow to make ends meet then their still not making ends meet and such people can’t be a millionaire and broke at the same time.

Second, millionaire hunters, while at their current job, should study and become proficient in something they really like to do.  People may like the lure or the scent of the money that the midnight presenter is pitching to them, but if owning/selling real estate really isn’t in them to do, that $39.95 package that they forgot to return will end up on a dusty shelf or in a future garage sale.  Being the best at what people love to do and using the internet and newspapers to network with several people within their field of interest will yield huge dividends.  Often, these professionals, love to share their knowledge with people of similar interests because they feel it gives them an opportunity to leave some legacy behind that’s alive in someone else.  Individuals are often surprised at the opportunities that abound and then one day while on the road to becoming a millionaire, they discover that they’ve been on that highway for quite some time.

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How to Make Friends

Learning how to make friends, isn’t hard, but it can take some practice. It is important to always be yourself. You don’t want to make friends through false pretenses. It isn’t about what you wear, how much money you make, or what you do for a living that attracts people to you.

Nothing breaks down the walls between people like a smile. Even if you are shy, you can help to make the atmosphere inviting by smiling. People will reciprocate and it will make you seem approachable. It will help people to feel comfortable about you. What is your body language saying about you? Make sure it doesn’t give people the impression that they should keep their distance and give you space.
Self Confidence
If you can’t enjoy your own company, how can you expect anyone else to? Part of how to make friends is to be self-confident. Keep in mind, this doesn’t mean you are arrogant. Instead, it means that you seem like someone they would enjoy spending time with.
Make a sincere compliment to someone, and they will appreciate you. Go beyond saying how pretty they are or something along those lines. Give a specific compliment such as you appreciate the time they donated to a given cause or you like the color of a dress they are wearing.
You may feel like you don’t know what to say when it comes to how to make friends. One of the biggest ways to turn people off is by talking non-stop. Take the time to ask a few questions and get replies from them. If you listen more than you talk, people will like you and want to be friends with you.
Be Positive
If you want to make friends, be positive. Focus on the good things and solutions instead of complaining. No one wants to make a new friend that is going to zap their positive energy. Don’t gossip and talk about others behind their back. This is a sure way to sabotage making new friends. People will be uneasy that you will talk about them later too.
Find Common Ground
As you visit a bit, find some common ground. Perhaps you share the same passion for a given cause. Maybe you are both parents of teenagers. Find out what you have in common as that gives you plenty to talk about. It can also allow you a chance to extend some type of invite to get together.
Extend an Invitation
Too often, we wait for others to talk to us. Why not extend an invitation? If you have been visiting with someone about art, tell them that you would love to go see a new art exhibit in town the following week. Ask them if they would like to join you.

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